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Intermediate Chess Course by Numerly

A year long, weekly Chess Course to increase your chess skills and win!

Pro Chess, with minimal commitment


Want to get good at chess, but don't have the time or money?

This is what we specialize in, providing services at a lost cost and low commitment, for a value much greater than anything out there!

As a student-led and student-created service, we don't require much money or time to provide you with a service that we know you will be happy you signed up for. With a low cost, anytime cancellation, and easy setup process, all of our services are made with your comfort in mind!

If you have any questions, our customer support is available anytime, and we are willing to help anyone and everyone!

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Pro Instructors, at your service

With a pair of National and State Champions, quality instructional classes are a given.

With a lesson plan that includes all the top strategies pro chess players use, it will guarantee higher ratings. 

Benjamin Balmer

Peak Rating 2064

K-9 Championship #13

Kavin Ganeshkumar

Peak Rating 1586

State Tournament 2020 Champion


Through a platform that's safe and familiar!

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1 time, registration through PayPal (Link Below)

Monthly, recurring payment

Also through Paypal!

As an organization created by high school students, we don't have to ability to spend huge sums of money. Donations and payments like these are the only way we sustain ourselves. Thank you very much!

General Information

This is a chess course for players with intermediate ratings, between 500-1500. This course is intended as a full package, with a place for learning material (Lectures and Interactive Lessons) as well as a place to show what you have learned (Weekly unrated playtime, monthly unrated tournaments, as well as team entries to rated district, state, and national level tournaments).

After payment, you will receive an email with all the details regarding attending classes and other information. If you do not receive the email within 1-2 days, or if you class is very soon, please email us at!

Instructional classes are held through Zoom, and Monthly unrated competition will be held through LiChess or

The Course will Include:

  • 3 weekly teaching lessons, 1 class a week, on Saturday at 3 pm

  • 1 Weekly organizational unrated tournament

  • Information about upcoming chess tournaments and competitions

  • Team entries to District, State and National level Chess tournaments


The course is ongoing, so you can join anytime!

Sign-ups are rolling, so you can sign-up anytime. You will start attending class from the next class onwards. 


*This schedule will continue for every month with no change, unless specified otherwise

Sign-Up Below!

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